2019 Judging Application

Want a taste of the competition? Apply for your chance to be a judge at the Smokin' With Smithfield National Barbecue Championship!

Join us and let’s get smokin’! This year at Smithfield, we’re seeking a pool of judges who can travel to New Orleans to be a part of our first annual Smokin’ With Smithfield National Barbecue Championship! What’s the perk of being a judge? You’ll get to try competition-quality barbecue from the best of the best teams from all sanctioning bodies across the United States, plus receive a swag bag for your participation!

We’d love to have you join us for delicious fun. If you’re interested, please complete the application below before September 15, 2019! Remember: Judges should have at least some prior experience judging competition barbecue, while learning a new judging style created specifically for our competition.


Are you physically able to both Judge and/or be a Table Captain? (Must be able to do all "jobs" within the Judging tent: Table Captain, Judge, Turn-In Table, Grazing Table, Backup)?

Are you able to judge and be present all 4 days (Judging school on Thursday, November 14, followed by 3 days of contests ending on Sunday, November 17)?

If not selected to Judge, would you like to Volunteer?

Contact Information

Are you a Master Judge?

Have you ever been a Table Captain for a Barbecue Competition?

If yes, approximate number of times:

Please click the box for Barbecue Sanctioning bodies of barbecue contests in which you’ve judged:

Tell us in just a few short sentences why you believe you’re qualified to judge the Smokin’ with Smithfield National Barbecue Championship.

What is important to you in judging Barbecue Competitions? Flavor, preparation, presentation, any or other?